Welcome to Research ACCE

Welcome to ACCE!

ACCE (Automated Component and Configuration Extractor), is a framework that runs targeted modules to automatically deobfuscate layers of embedded malware components and extract configuration data, including valuable Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).
Learn more at https://www.ciphertechsolutions.com/products/acce/

The “Research” version of ACCE (research.ACCE) is an instance of ACCE designed for researchers, students, and industry professionals. research.ACCE offers users access to all ACCE modules (200+ malware families encompassing 1000+ individual modules) for up to 5 submissions per month, free of charge. This allows users to trial the software without any associated cost, with no time limit or pressure to upgrade.

Additionally, research.ACCE enables authenticated users to view the submissions and results of other users. For those concerned with security or privacy, a premium ACCE subscription is required, which includes a dedicated site that only invited users can access.

Users/organizations can upgrade their quota tiers at any time within research.ACCE, which only increases the number of samples that can be submitted per month and does not include any of the other benefits of an ACCE subscription.
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